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Ministering Wholeness Christian Church is a place filled with the love of Jesus Christ. We understand that looking for a ministry is growing difficult everyday. Our ministry is a church that is young, but carries years of ministry experience. We offer you a place to call “HOME”. We welcome you to be part of the great blessings God has in store for this ministry.

The most repetitive question many people are asking Christians today, “Why should I come to your church?” Their is no simple answer, but we invite you to experience the healing power, saving power, restoring power, and the opportunity to experience God! We share our experiences with those who may need that extra boost. The Word of God is Relevant, Powerful and Inspiring. We don’t claim to be the perfect church, nor do we claim to know it all, but we do know Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior. We preach, Teach, Live, and Mentor through the Word of God.

We are a five-fold ministry with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Join us this Sunday as our special guest.We promise you will not be disappointed.
God bless you and hope to see you soon!

 -Watkins Family  ​

First Family

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